Air BnB Cleaning Tips

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the hottest tips out there for keeping your Air BnB sparkly clean and in tip top shape for your guests! These tricks of the trade will come in handy no matter who you’ve had stop by!

Starting with the basics, some of the most commonly looked over ‘top offs’ happen in the bathroom. After each guest leaves, the soap and conditioner should be topped off. A new toilet paper roll should be put out too, along with the standard fresh towels, shower mat, and freshly cleaned tooth brush holder. These all might seem like common sense moves, but they get forgotten a lot!

In the bedroom, the headboard should be wiped down when the sheets are changed. Double check the mattress protector and make sure nothing needs to be treated with a bleach pen! Those things really do come in handy! A lot of guests forget to turn off the alarm on the alarm clock too, so you’re going to want to double check on that before you leave the room.

We know that it might be tempting to do colorful towels, but if you stick to white towels and linens, then they can be washed with bleach and commercial strength detergent, removing any stains that might be left behind. If there’s a bit of a smell issue in the room, try sprinkling baking soda on the carpets and letting it sit over night, then vacuuming it up the next morning! If there’s any white residue left behind that the vacuum doesn’t pick up, then you can swipe over it with a lint roller. You’ll be surprised at how easy of a fix that ends up being. It’s a cheap one, too!

Of course, we know that smoking is a big no-no in an Air BnB…but we’ve also all had guests break that rule. If there’s a foul odor lingering in the air, consider leaving windows open for several hours during the day, and then using essential oils to help clean out the air. We recommend getting an oil diffuser for the living area and the kitchen, and running something like lavender through it. For that record, a bit of peppermint oil dropped down the drain of the sink can help clear out any smells that might be lingering there!

What about the kitchen? There’s nothing worse than trying to clean out the oven after a guest has let something burn or run over. Instead of trying to scrub it out by hand, put vinegar and some water in a glass baking pan and let it steam up the inside of the oven. All of the grim inside will wipe away, easy as pie!

Running an Air BnB can be a lot of work, but we strive to make that so much easier for you! Hopefully, these tips will help you spiff up your guest home and make getting it ready for the next client so much easier!

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